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Training and mentoring

At Imperial, continuous learning and development are front and centre.

We understand that just because you’ve completed school doesn’t mean you’ve reached your full potential. Your aspirations and goals are more extensive than that. So are ours. We’re proud to provide you with top quality training to perform your job and ensure your development begins right from the day you start. These processes and programs will support you during your first years of employment:

Corporate orientation

Orientation processes help familiarize new employees with the organization and educate them on how to operate effectively within its systems and structures. Through our comprehensive orientation program, you will gain a better understanding of our company and the oil and gas industry.

Our Welcome to Imperial seminar provides new hires with an overview of Imperial's strategy, structure, operations and priorities as well as an introduction to the company's human resources policies, services, and tools. The seminar also provides an opportunity for new hires to establish networks of colleagues from across the company. This training is held in Calgary, Alberta on a bi-annual basis.

Early Career Programs

You’ll find our commitment to your development begins as soon as you join Imperial. A number of business functions in Imperial have early career programs (eg: the upstream engineering early career development program), that are designed to accelerate the professional development of new hires. These programs assist individuals in rapidly achieving breadth across a range of defined skills and in attaining an understanding of key technologies and practices. To ensure a rewarding and satisfying career, we work with you to reach your professional goals by providing training, formal feedback, developmental opportunities, and a structured sequence of job rotations that lead to increasingly challenging assignments.

You can expect to move through a number of roles in your first few years and to be faced with a wide range of challenges that will hone your skills and develop your business acumen and expertise. In your initial job assignment, you’ll quickly focus on developing fundamental professional and personal capabilities in your chosen field. Your demonstrated performance in initial assignments leads to increasing responsibilities to develop your technical competence and apply your skills in more challenging and diverse situations.


At Imperial we believe that the continuous development of employees' capabilities is key to our continued business success and to the personal success of each employee. This development encompasses a variety of ways of learning, including, but not restricted to, formal training and education. Imperial offers employees a wide range of training options to address both technical and non-technical effectiveness. A component of the curriculum includes several non-technical training courses common to all business functions, such as time management or communication skills, made available through a common learning platform. You are encouraged to speak to your manager to identify the recommended early development training within your specific job role. Training is provided through in-house experts, self-study options and outside third parties. Some training is also accessed through our majority shareholder, ExxonMobil.

Employees also improve their ability to achieve results through challenging work experiences, coaching and counseling. You’ll work with a team of professionals committed to achieving operational excellence and have the opportunity to contribute to and build upon our tradition of proven and established best practices – a hallmark of our success in this highly competitive industry.

Network Advisor Program

At Imperial, you’ll have the opportunity to develop strong networks with senior managers, technical and business professionals, and other new hires in an informal and entertaining way through our Network Advisor Program (NAP).

NAP is a program designed to accelerate the integration of new hires and students into Imperial within their first years of employment. Offered at our head office in Calgary, the two main features of the program include organized events and individual advisor meetings. The evening events give you an opportunity to mingle and participate in activities designed to promote networking with senior managers, professionals and other new hires from a wide range of areas within Imperial's business. Past activities have included Mardi Gras, pool tournaments, murder mystery dinners, casino nights and scavenger hunts. Additionally, you’ll have the option of taking part in informal, one-on-one meetings with senior professionals where you can learn about aspects of the company that may interest you, such as potential career paths, company operations or other areas of business.


At Imperial, we make an investment in employees by ensuring that they are consistently challenged and expanding their skills and knowledge. Formal and informal mentoring can be valuable in helping employees manage these challenges successfully. The company's Early Career Programs help facilitate the assignment of formal mentors to new hires. These mentors coach and advise new hires on a wide range of topics ranging from technical or job related to company wide or policy issues. Other department-specific programs may provide mentorship opportunities to employees throughout their careers.

When it comes to managing your career, you take a leading role. But you’ll also receive support, advice, feedback, direction and leadership to determine your learning needs and to direct your development.

Formal feedback

Our performance assessment and development process includes goal setting, biannual formal coaching sessions for the first 3-5 years and annual performance and competency reviews. Your progress and achievements will not only be benchmarks of your success; they will also be a performance measurement of those responsible for your development. Orientation processes help familiarize new employees with the organization and educate them on how to operate effectively within its systems and structures. Through our comprehensive orientation program, you will gain a better understanding of our company and the oil and gas industry.